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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chicago Part 2

The Taste of Chicago was going on when I dropped in on the Windy City. (Chicago didn't get the name the Windy City because it's windy by the way. It is windy, but the phrase was coined back when Chicago was competing against other cities for some business. Legend has it that the politicians blew a lot of hot air and thus got the name.) The Taste is down in Grant park by Buckingham Fountain. It's rows and rows of food and lots a of stages with bands. It's hot and crowded and filled with every shade of life both in food and human form.
You can catch some great music, both on the stages and from street performers, which are always all over Chicago.

A relatively new addition to the city is Millineum Park just north of Grant Park. It's a must see! Here's the walkway with the band shell over on the right. The band shell is that structure that looks like curls of metal.
 There's also a long waterway that, whether it was intended to be or not, is now a long foot bath perfect for after walking around the city.

But the coolest part of the park is this fountain (above). Yes, that's a fountain. Water drips down the face of the structure. Loads of kids hang around watching for changes in the face. Once the eyes start to shut and the lips begin to form a circle all the kids know exactly where to stand!

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Ah, summer in the city.


Blogger Liz said...

That's fantastic! I went to Chicago in December 2000 so this is a side of the city I haven't seen. Wonderful pictures.

So sorry about your mom. I bet she would be proud of your dedication to completing this journey. Best of luck!

My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall, but because she had a vigilant, dedicated physician (and us around her, I like to think) it was nipped in the bud and she is now cancer-free.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

That's great news Liz!

6:31 AM  

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