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Sunday, July 02, 2006

North Dakota - South Dakota

  This is the world's largest holstein cow located in Salem, ND. She's 38 ft high, 50 ft long and weighs in at 12,000 lbs.  
North Dakota is also home to the world's largest bull. This bull located in Jamestown, ND is 46ft long, 26ft tall, 14ft wide and weighs 60 tons. The bull is located in a pioneer town which also houses a cabin of Louis L'Amour. Jamestown in the birthplace of this author of many cowboy novels.
  The town has a original buildings that served as a bank, school house, insurance office and a dentist office way back in pioneer times. Is it just me that gets creeped out by manequins in old time clothes?
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Now in SD you have the world's largest bull head standing at60ft tall weighing 25 tons. It's the same height as a head on Mt. Rushmore.  Posted by Picasa
The bull is located just east of Mitchell, SD - home of the Corn Palace. Mitchell has had a corn palace since 1892. Back when Lewis and Clark came through this part of the country they wrote that the area was a "Great American Desert" suitable only for buffalo indicating no man could make a living farming this land. To prove them wrong and to draw settlers to the land the Corn Belt Real Estate Assoc. built the first Corn Palace to showcase all the crops that could be grown. They've built one every year since. Basically, the entire outside of the building is decorated with all sorts of corn. It's also by default become the world's largest bird feeder.
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OK, Pop Quiz! Which of the following 2 photos (A & B) is North Dakota, and which is South Dakota? A winner will be selected from all correct answers received by 7/6 (email to link on the right.

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First place will receive a compilation CD of all the music I've discovered or listened to to keep me awake along my 9 week journey. Second place get's this chicken flavored gum.
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Blogger Dave Tainer said...

That's a trick question, Lori: they're both South Dakota!

How do I know? Simple deductive reasoning: North Dakota is the least visited state in the US...

1:22 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

No trick question. One is definitely North Dakota!

7:50 AM  

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