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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Enchanted Highway - Regent, ND

This is Gary Greff and that’s one of his metal sculptures behind him. Gary is a man with a dream, to make his hometown of Regent, ND known as the metal sculpture capital of the world. All along the 30+ mile “enchanted highway” that runs south from I94 to Regent, ND are metal sculptures that Gary has built. All the sculptures are done in a different style. There’s Teddy Roosevelt on a horse, giant fish and my favorite, a humongous grasshopper. (Perhaps I like the grasshopper best because after winning the skipping race in 4th grade gym class I acquired the nick name “grasshopper.”) He built the first sculpture in 1989 – one of which is behind him in the above photo. Funding has been tough and Gary has lived without much in order to see his dream to fulfillment. I was ever so lucky to run in to Gary at my last stop along this enchanted highway. He continues to think of ways to turn his vision into something that brings money into his small hometown with the possibility of a developer building a 4 star resort nearby. There’s something about this man and his passion and determination that stays with you after meeting him. It makes you ask: What’s your passion and what are you doing about it?
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