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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Guess which state?

  OK, guess which state I'm in? Don't know yet? Well not only does this place sell cheese shaped like the state it also sells summer sausage shaped like a bottle of beer. You can buy it by the six pack.
  Still don't know? You can also buy bait from a vending machine. You just push the button for the desired bait - night crawlers, baby crawlers, wax worms, what have you - and out comes a styrofoam container filled with your desired wormlike critter.
  Still can't guess? Ok, here's a picture of a native, Jeff Janechek. He lives in Minneapolis now but is a true representation of his birth state - polite, humble, super nice and funny. He's holding a bobblehead of Rollie Fingers.
  Yes, yes Wisconsin, of course! Posted by Picasa
What they also have in Wisconsin are a lot of lakes. Lots of people from Illinois buy lake houses in Wisconsin. Like my friend here Cathy on her pontoon boat.
 I've known Cathy from back in the day when I worked in finance. That was before I realized I didn't like working in finance and dedicated my life to the noble industry of cable television. Cathy and her husband John have a great house on a lake in Green Lake, WI.

  See, like I said, a great house! They were kind enough to let me stay with them and show me around town. There are 1,100 residents in Green Lake. But I like the town's optimism - or perhaps it's a commitment to accuracy. The sign at the entrance to town has a blank space by population that can be easily updated at the birth of a child. We ate at a great local place, Norton's on the lake. The next morning we spent kayaking in these kayaks that actually have peddles as well. You can either paddle or peddle. And then I couldn't resist taking a swim with this four legged friend. Who could!
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