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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Spam Museum

  If you are anywhere in Minnesota you MUST get yourself over to the Spam Museum in Austin, MN. Whether you eat Spam or not, you'll love this museum that totally embraces the kitschy-ness of its brand. There's a Spam theatre with pig shaped doors that shows a short film on the history of spam. It also profiles the Spamettes - a female quartet that performs around the country such Spamicized songs as Mr. Spam Man (sung to Mr. Sandman).
You can also try your hand at the assembly line and time yourself on how fast you can pack a spam can. Nancy beat me hands down at this task.
We went a little crazy at the gift shop - I got a Spam bobble head for my car - and of course bought some Spam. We got a can of Spam lite and Spam Hot & Spicey. (Spam by the way, is spiced ham, that's where they get the name. Mr. Geo Hormel was having a party and offered his guests $100 to come up with a name for his new spiced ham product. An actor friend came up with Spam by taking the SP from spiced and the AM from ham.) We decided to grill it that night with the thinking that anything tastes good on a grill.
Well, I can't say I'd be buying more, but it was edible. Posted by Picasa


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Well I guess all I can say on this is spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam wonderful spam wonderful spam, echoes from Monty Pythom....

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