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Monday, July 10, 2006

Chicago Part 1

  That's my Dad. In front of him is an Italian Beef. You can only get this sandwhich in Chicago. Here's a closer look.
  You can get it with sweet peppers or hot peppers. They will ask you if you want it "dipped." You answer "yes." We got this one down on Taylor St. It's just south of downtown Chicago. It's where many Italians settled when they first came over. My grandmother grew up here in an apartment with her parents and 10 siblings. They shared a bathroom with the apartment behind them. Her street isn't there anymore since they built the University of Illinois Chicago campus in the neighborhood. But Taylor St. still is.
The best part about a big city is all the conversations you over hear from people on the street. Like this woman below.
She was at Al's Italian Beef as well. Her cell phone rang and it soon became apparent based on her side of the conversation that we had a real psychic in our midst. Seems that her caller had a broken heart and wanted to know about his ex-girlfriend. The psychic told him all sorts of things about his ex always followed with "am I right? am I right?" said in a thick Chicago accent and in a manner that exuded much confidence that she was in fact right. She eventually told him he must come and see her asap. "It's very important you come in right away." (Seems this is when she makes her money.) The best was when the man with her fed her a line to give the caller, "bad luck is following you. It's right behind you. You must come in right away."
Her shirt says "Nasty Girl" and that she is.

But back to food. After your Italian Beef you then walk across the street to get an Italian Ice at Mario's. They are made with fresh fruit and aren't too sweet. Pick up a bag of lupini beans to go and your true Chicago meal is complete!

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