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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


 That's the CN Tower in Toronto. At 1,815' 5" it's the tallest structure in the world. Who knew? You can take an elevator to the observation area - that's that round part. The elevator ride takes 15 seconds. Once up there you can stand on this glass floor and look straight down which is pretty cool.
  All sorts of people have broken strange records in the CN Tower. There's the guy who ran up the staircase (1760 stairs) 7 times in one day. Then there is the guy who carried a piano up the stairs in 7 hours and 30 minutes. My favorite is the gentleman who did the longest yodel from the top of the tower - 7 hours and 29 minutes. Humans are weird. Do you think animals do those sorts of things? Like do squirrels sit around and go, hey I wonder what's the most nuts I can stuff into my cheeks? I do think birds dare each other to do stupid things like dive in front of cars as close as they can without getting hit. Sorry, got off on a little tangent there.
Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a population of 2.7 million. It's seems to me to be a city made up of neighborhoods. I strolled through Chinatown and then over to Kensington Market which is a street filled with funky shops and ecentric people. Like these folks making art out of an abondoned car.
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I had lunch in Little Italy at a place called Cafe Diplomatica - yummy! After I scarfed down this lunch I had to lie down for awhile.  Posted by Picasa
There's also this Canadian - Sir Henry Pellatt - who made some serious cash jumping on the invention of electricity founding the Toronto Electric Co. in 1883. He decided to build a huge castle, Casa Loma, on a bluff over looking Toronto. It took 3 yrs, 300 workers and $3.5 million to build. It's huge with 98 rooms and secret passages. Although they over sell you on the secret passageways because I think there are only 2. When you walk through it's packed with tourists. Unfortunately, Sir Richard only was able to live in the castle less than 10 yrs because he soon lost all his money. Silly man. What do you need a big house like that for anyway?


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