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Thursday, July 20, 2006

People you can meet without ever leaving your car

There are plenty of people you can meet without ever leaving your car. Like these fine gentlemen who's job it is to stop or slow down traffic on a 2 lane road for construction. This guy I met in northern California just outside "Confusion Hill" one of those mystery gravity places. 

I met this man along the Oregon coast:

This fella was ruling the road in Idaho:

And this guy with long blonde dreadlocks was stationed in South Dakota:
If you're lucky enough to be at the front of the line of traffic they are always willing to chat awhile.

Then of course, there are the drive up windows. Actually, this is the only one I visited my entire trip - but who could resist drive up ice cream!

And then some folks you are forced to drive up to, like the toll booth operator. But who wouldn't want to be greeted by this guy!

Unfortunately, the worst type of person to meet without leaving your car ...


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