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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Best of the Road Part 1

Enough people have asked me what the best _____ of my trip was, so I decided to just list them all here.

The Making Do With What You Got Award goes to this person in Northern California:

The Best Waitress Award goes to Marie at Mom's Cafe in Salina, UT 

The Friendliest Town Award goes to Ely, NV 

Best Entrance Award somewhere in NV

Event I Most Wanted to Crash Award  My friend Sharyl and I did try and crash this wedding. We headed down the road until we got to the big no trespassing sign. I have a rule that I don't go past no trespassing signs in areas where most people have guns. Besides, I had the sinking suspicion that it was a cash bar.
More to come...


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