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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Klamath, CA - Newport, OR

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June 7
The hostel in Klamath butts up against some forests and is across the from the ocean. Grace and I decided to go for a hike down the beach to the giant Paul Bunyon and back through the woods. I was glad Grace joined me, because I have acquired a new phobia - bears. We headed to the beach, but I guess it wasn't low tide, so instead of a stroll across the sand, we hiked over boulders for about an hour.
(Does that count as rock climbing??)
We eventually reached our destination and were greeted by the talking Paul Bunyon. Apparently, there is a guy somewhere who can see who's walking up to the giant and then talks to you through a loud speaker - making it seem as if Paul is really speaking to you. He was pretty humourous but I never could figure out where he was hiding. 

We then headed through the woods. And sure enough we spotted these tracks!
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There's bears in them there woods!
Luckily we didn't see the actual bear. People have been kind enough to give me tips on what to do if you come across a bear. You are supposed to make yourself big, make some noise like sing or clap your hands. Don't run away, because they will chase you. If all else fails, lay down and play dead and they just bat you around a bit. Okey dokey. How about peeing in your pants from sheer terror? Does that work?


Next I headed up the coast arriving in Oregon. My first impressions of this friendly state couldn't have been better. I stopped off to take a picture by the "welcome to Oregon" sign and a kind man ran across the street to take the picture for me. Then I stopped for gas, and low and behold, they only have full service in Oregon! So Mr. Friendly pumped my gas while his sidekick, Mr. Cheerful cleaned my windows. And the gas was cheaper! $3.11. well, I was feeling pretty good until I ran into Barney Fife's west coast twin who gave me a speeding ticket for going 35. After awhile I was convinced that in every small town along the Oregon coast they deliberately put the school on the main thorough fare just so they can give out speeding tickets.
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I drove off with my $135 ticket and then thought, heck I should have just done a night in jail. Free lodging, a bit a food. How bad could that town's jail be?

Eventually I came to the Oregon dunes. These go on for miles and miles along the coast. (see photo above). Oh, you just want to roll down the hill, which I did!

My destination for the evening was the Sylvia Beachhouse B&B in Newport, OR. This place is fantastic! Each room is dedicated to a different author. Here's the Edgar Alan Poe room, which I wouldn't be able to sleep in!  
It's right on the ocean with a nice reading room overlooking it. I stayed in a dorm room with 3 other women, one of which was Grace. I enjoyed a delicious breakfast (which is included)and great conversation with some of the other guests the next morning.
From left: Carol, Dick, Ann (breast cancer survivor), Grace, Barbara and Joseph.


Blogger Carol said...

Hey, I am famous! I made it on your BLOG!

What a pleasure to meet you at the Sylvia Beach. God's providence, and I am praying for your journey!

Still have to make it to the donation page!


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