My goal is to raise $9,490 for breast cancer research - a dollar for every day my mother, Lorraine Raimondo, battled breast cancer. I'm driving across the country raising funds for every mile I drive.

Friday, May 12, 2006

About my Mom

My Mom, Lorraine (Galdik) Raimondo was born in Chicago, IL September 8, 1932. She was the first of four tall, beautiful daughters for John and Anastacia Galdik. She learned to play the piano at a young age and continued to play throughout her life. In High School she was a founding member of a girls club, the PDQ's. She met my Dad, Louis Raimondo, at a dance when she was 16 and at the age of 21 they got married. They celebrated their 51st Wedding Anniversary in June of 2005.

Over the next 11 years, my Mom and Dad had 4 kids; Brad, Beverly, Lori (me!) and Paul. While raising all of us somewhat energetic and outspoken children she burnt plenty of midnight oil studying to earn her college degree in fine art. She then continued her passion for knowledge, attending the Art Institute of Chicago. Both my parents have a love of travel and packed us in the car for an amazing road trip every year.
She and my Dad left the Chicago area for sunny San Diego in 1983 where she then added successful Real Estate Agent to her list of many talents. She continued her art throughout her life, and most recently focused on color pencil drawings of floral and fauna. Throughout the years, my parents continued to travel with France, Italy and Spain some of my Mother's favorite destinations. During her last years of battling cancer, she finally made it to Lithuania, fulfilling her dream to visit her country of heritage.

My Mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1979. After treatment, she went into remission for many years. In 1999 she once again took up the battle and with the most amazing courage and strength, survived 7 more years. My parents celebrated their 51st Wedding Anniversary last June. On August 28, 2005 my mother passed away.

My Mom is remembered by many as an artist, world traveler, exceptional mother, wife and friend. She is admired by all that have known her for her strength, faith and beauty. By me, she's remembered as "Mom" and all the thousands of things that means.

This is for you Mom, the strongest woman I know.


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