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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hole 'N the Rock - Moab, UT

May 22
Miles Driven Today: 40*
Funds Raised Today: $25*

*Total funds raised and miles driven are always available in the upper right hand corner of the blog.

If you are ever in Moab you’ll most likely spend your time doing all sorts of adventurous trips like river rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, because that’s what Moab is known for. However, you MUST NOT miss the Hole ‘N the Rock home!!!
From 1945 to 1957 Albert Christensen carved and excavated 50,000 cubic feet of sandstone to build a 5,000 square foot home for himself and his wife Gladys in the side of a giant rock. Unfortunately, Albert died of a heart attach at the age of 53, otherwise, I’m sure he’d have kept carving away for as long as he could. He still was working on another room when he died.
Here’s the deal, he inherited this land with the giant rock. He carved the home as well as a diner, called the Hole ‘N the Rock diner. The house is actually a lot more comfortable than you would think. There are windows along one side and it maintains a dry temperature always between 65 and 72 degrees year round. The ceiling is high and it has wall to wall carpeting. Poor Albert only got to live in it for 5 years before he passed away. Gladys continued to live there for another 17 years.
OK, so if that’s not odd enough. Albert also taught himself taxidermy! Now, if I was starting out a new taxidermy hobby (which I may) I think I’d start with something small, like a bird. Not Albert! His first project was Harry, his donkey. And well, let’s just say you can tell he taught himself. Harry, who stands in the home, has Frankenstein scars across his face. It’s really creepy. The guide was rambling away standing next to Harry, and I just couldn’t keep looking at that Frankenstein donkey staring back at me! I don’t care if he had a flowered bonnet on, it didn’t distract you from those scars! He also did a couple horses (I’m telling you, Albert thinks big!) which also stand in the home in these unnatural stances. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let you take pictures inside, which was my biggest disappointment of the trip so far. But I took some pictures of some postcards so check them out!


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